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Our specialty lies in designing elevators for existing buildings, tailored to fit irregular or complex shaft spaces. We have a track record of designing and installing non-standard elevators for various requirements and conditions. Eleven Elevators offers a wide array of elevator design solutions to adapt our elevators to spaces with limited headroom, unusual dimensions, or challenging configurations.


When architects, property owners, or consultants contemplate installing a new elevator in an existing building, questions often arise regarding feasible elevator sizes and the most suitable option for the job. Many buildings were not initially designed to accommodate vertical transportation, lacking the necessary space. In some cases, available space may be limited, difficult to access, or present installation challenges due to complex shaft configurations, awkward beam placements, or suspended pits.


Our engineering team conducts thorough assessments of each project within existing shafts to provide clients with precise and practical guidance on the optimal elevator solution. We specialize in complete elevator replacements, seamlessly integrating new products without significant civil works.

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